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2016 #bethelgives Campaign Summary 

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The #bethelgives coalition and Bethel Community Services Foundation are thrilled to announce the successful completion of Bethel’s first #bethelgives campaign. Lasting approximately two weeks, with several associated events, the campaign raised more than $24,000.

The aim of the #bethelgives campaign, a local spinoff of #GivingTuesday, was to offer the Bethel and YK Delta community increased opportunities to support local organizations as we all prepare for winter and the holiday season. Events included opportunities to donate to local organizations at Saturday Market and local stores, a Fill the Stocking drive at Watson’s Corner, the Give+Get drawing and a Giving Wish Book outlining needs of local organizations that is available in printed form and online.

Nine local Bethel organizations were represented in the 2016 #bethelgives coalition – Bethel Search and Rescue, Yuut Elitnaurviat, TWC, KYUK, Bethel Family Clinic, Bethel Council on the Arts, the YK Delta Lifesavers, Bethel Friends of Canines and the Winter House Shelter. According to Reyne Athanas of the Bethel Council on the Arts, “These funds will really give a boost to each of the organizations and it is good to know that the community as a whole supports these nonprofits.”

In addition to the generosity of Bethel citizens, numerous Bethel and Alaska-based corporate partners were instrumental in the success of the #bethelgives campaign. Cash and in-kind donations, opportunities for the public to make pledges and cash-match programs were provided to the campaign by Bethel Community Services Foundation, Bethel Native Corporation, Bethel Pho Thai, ConocoPhillips AK, Delta Discovery, Donlin Gold, First National Bank Alaska, Long House Hotel, Mexkimo Tacos, Sammy’s Market, Swanson’s Grocery, Vitus Energy, YPCC Art Guild, YPCC Coffee Cart and the YPCC Saturday Market.

This was a first-time collaborative fundraising effort, which provided an opportunity for staff, volunteers and board members from various organizations to work closely together. “The #bethelgives campaign was a lot of fun!” said Eileen Arnold of the Tundra Women’s Coalition. “Working together towards a common goal felt good and it delivered good results!  Thanks to the entire community for making this happen.” This sentiment was shared by Gerry Graves, a board member of the Bethel Family Clinic. “It brought me so much joy to be a part of #BethelGives, living in a community that truly cares and gives. Thank you for giving.”

If you are interested in learning more about the #bethelgives campaign or would like to look at the 2016-2017 Giving Wish Book, please visit or contact Lisa Whalen at or 907-545-1855.




DATE: 11/17/16

RE: #bethelgives CAMPAIGN

wishbookDownload the Wishbook!

Bethel Community Services Foundation announces the launch of the #bethelgives campaign, sponsored by the Bethel Community Services Foundation and nine local nonprofit organizations.

The aim of #bethelgives is to offer the Bethel and YK Delta community increased opportunities to support local organizations as we all prepare for winter and the holiday season – a time of great generosity and great need.

The nine #bethelgives groups are:Bethel Search and Rescue, Yuut Elitnaurviat, TWC, KYUK, Bethel Family Clinic, Bethel Council on the Arts, the YK Delta Lifesavers, Bethel Friends of Canines and the Winter House Shelter.

#bethelgives is an extension of a national and international campaign – #GivingTuesday – which encourages people all over the world to follow the shopping mayhem of Black Friday and Cyber Monday with generosity that changes lives in their own local communities. On #GivingTuesday, people around the U.S.A. and world will share their time, talents and treasure with their neighbors in need, often through local organizations.

#bethelgives has several components:

  • The #bethelgives Giving Wish Book: The Wish Book is one component of the #Bethel Gives campaign. BCSF is thrilled to partner with amazing organizations that are part of the fabric of our local community. We encourage people to help improve our community by considering donating – either tangible items or cash gifts – to one or more of the organizations listed in the Wish Book. The Wish Book is online at and at the websites of participating organizations. Physical copies of the book can be found at all participating organizations and at cash registers and customer service desks throughout Bethel.
  • #bethelgives will be at the Saturday Market on November 26. At the market, staff, board and volunteers of BCSF and the nine participating organizations will take turns staffing a #bethelgives table, with options for donors to contribute to any of the nine individual participating organizations, to purchase the gift of a contribution to an organization for a holiday gift, to learn more about any of the nine organizations or to sign up for volunteer opportunities.
  • #bethelgives will be at Watson’s Corner at lunch and after work on Giving Tuesday (November 29). We will collect contributions for the #bethelgives campaign.
  • #bethelgives has partnered with several businesses who wish for help further the reach of the campaign and support the good works of the organizations. Customers of Swanson’s will be able to make a $1, $5, or $10 contribution at the cash register from November 18 through Giving Tuesday, November 29. Customers of Sammy’s Market will be able to make a contribution on #GivingTuesday, which Sammy’s Market will match dollar-for-dollar.
  • Mexkimo Tacos will participate on #GivingTuesday.
  • The vendor fees collected from table rentals at the November 26 Saturday Market will be donated to #bethelgives.
  • The gift shop at the cultural center and the coffee cart at the cultural center will offer customers the opportunity to donate to #bethelgives.
  • FNBA will match the first $100 of pledges made to the #bethelgives campaign.
  • Wells Fargo will provide a contribution to the #bethelgives campaign.
  • We expect other businesses to partner with #bethelgives as #GivingTuesday approaches.

Pledges to the campaign can be made via phone at 545-8483 or online at Monetary contributions to the campaign at Swanson’s or via the website, phone or at Watson’s Corner will be split evenly amongst the participating organizations. Contributions made at Saturday Market can allocated to specific individual organizations OR the campaign as a whole. Donations of Wish Book items will be collected at the Saturday Market on November 26 or by contacting the participating agency directly.


CONTACTS: Primary: Lisa Whalen, Program Officer, BCSF. and 545-1855. Secondary: Michelle DeWitt, ED, BCSF. and 543-1812.

#bethelgives planning committee members: Jon Cochrane, Eileen Arnold, Gerry Graves, Sam Samuelson, Reyne Athanas, Jeremy Osborne, Zach Fansler, Bev Hoffman and Jesslyn Elliott. Contact info for the planning committee can be given upon request.


Press Release – BCSF Announces Quyurramta Fund to Assist LKSD



Here to Donate to Quyurramta

Media Contact: Michelle DeWitt, BCSF 545-6052

Media contact for LKSD: Joy Shantz 543-4810

In response to the November 3, 2015 fire at the Kilbuck school facility in Bethel, Bethel Community Services Foundation has established an emergency fund to benefit the Kuskokwim Learning Academy and Ayaprun Elitnaurvik schools. Named the Quyurramta Fund, or “All of Us Together”, this fund will be dedicated to fire relief needs – both for emergent needs and for efforts to re-establish the schools- and was formed in collaboration with the Lower Kuskokwim School District. The fund will be used to manage the contributions from individual donors and local fundraising efforts,

as well as corporate and philanthropic contributions.

Both the Ayaprun Elitnaurvik and Kuskokwim Learning Academy schools were heavily damaged in the fire. Both schools now have temporary locations, and the district is in the process of assessing immediate needs as well as developing strategy for school locations for the spring semester and establishing plans for permanent facilities.

“This fire has destroyed so much more than buildings,” said Dan Walker, LKSD superintendent. “Both schools have incredibly important missions. Both build strong senses of self among their students. It is critical that we rebuild these schools so they can continue their work in language and cultural preservation, and dropout prevention.”

“There has been an incredible outpouring of support for the schools that were devastated by the fire,” said Michelle DeWitt, Executive Director of BCSF. “Many people and groups have expressed concern and want to provide help. This fund will create an opportunity for all those contributions and proceeds from fundraising efforts to be centralized in one established fund.”

DeWitt said that BCSF can provide assistance in the tracking and implementation of the funds, which will all be spent as intended by donors- to support the emergent and longer-term needs of the schools. “Our community foundation is structured to accept and implement charitable contributions for designated purposes such as this. The fire was a tragedy for our community,

and this is one way BCSF can help with efforts to move forward,” DeWitt said.

Janelle Vanasse, director of secondary education at LKSD, said the name of the fund is intentional and captures the spirit of the community in the wake of the fire. “Quyurramta is a term LKSD has been using with some of our efforts across the district. All of us together- that perfectly describes the collective response to this emergency and the long-term efforts we have before us to rebuild.”

Contributions to the fund, which are tax-deductible, can be made via the Bethel Community Services Foundation website- using the Quyurramta Fund link. Contributions may also be mailed to BCSF, Attention Quyarramta Fund, at PO Box 2189; Bethel, AK 99559. BCSF can process in-person cash transactions and credit card transactions (credit card transactions may also be made via phone). Contributions made directly to LKSD or through other efforts will be transferred to the Quyurramta Fund. People with questions are encouraged to call Michelle DeWitt at BCSF at (907) 543-1812 or send an email to








John Malone Fund Application Available!

BCSF is pleased to announce that we are making the first grant from the John Malone Fund.

The John Malone Fund was established at Bethel Community Services Foundation in 2008 to honor John Malone, a founder of BCSF’s originating organization which was known first as Bethel Social Services and later as Bethel Community Services. John dedicated a large portion of his time to improving the lives of people living disabilities and/or mental illness, both in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta region and throughout Alaska through his leadership with the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority. John also helped lead the vision to transition the service-providing organization he inspired to what BCSF is today- a broad community foundation benefitting our community through capacity building, leadership and grant support. IMG_0639

The John Malone Fund was created in 2008 by BCSF’s Board of Directors to honor John’s legacy. Grants made annually will benefit individuals with disabilities and/or mental illness who are residing in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta region of Alaska. The amount available in 2014 is $634.The grant deadline is Thursday, Dec. 18 at 5 pm. Applications may be submitted using an online form at: 2014 John Malone Fund Grant Application. For those who have limited internet access, the form was in the December 9 Delta Discovery and can be requested in word document form by emailing

Any individual, business or organization who would like to donate to the John Malone Fund at BCSF may mail a contribution to PO Box 2189 Bethel, AK 99559, drop off a contribution at 1795 Chief Eddie Hoffman Highway in Bethel or click the Donate Now button to the right to make an electronic contribution.

Pool & Fitness Center Grand Opening Celebration!

BCSF celebrated with leaders from throughout Bethel, the region and the state at the November 1 grand opening of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Regional Aquatic Health & Safety Center. You can contact the poIMG_1245ol by calling 543-0390 or “like” their Facebook page- listed as YK Fitness Center.

IMG_1026              IMG_1005 (1)

2014 Kuskokwim Ice Classic Winner Announcement!

Two Bethel men, Alvin Jimmie Sr. and Harry

Pavilla, are the winners of the 2014 Kuskokwim Ice Classic. They will split the jackpot of $6,927.50- winning $3,463.75 each.

Alvin and Harry guessed the exact time that tripod movement on the Kuskokwim River stopped the clock – May 2, 2014 at 5:00 pm.

There were 134 guesses returned to the Ice Classic for May 2nd and more than 3,200 total guesses submitted this year.


2014 Kuskokwim Ice tadalafil excipients Classic had the second-largest jackpot in 10 years.

Bethel Regional High School’s Native Youth Olympics, Music and Special Olympics programs will benefit from the $6,347.50 BRHS will earn for their database entry efforts, student ticket sales and ticket sales at Swanson’s, Crowley and ID Variety.

The clock has stopped!

The tripod’s movement stopped the clock at 5:00 pm today, May 2nd.

The Breakup Bash will be Sunday, May 4 from 3 pm-5:30 pm at the river wall. There will be juice, hot dogs and music. Come join the fun on Sunday!

Bethel Regional High School has not completed the database that will determine the winner or winners who guessed May 2 at 5 pm (or the closest guess to that without going over). Please stay tuned for a few more days to find out about the lucky Ice Classic Winner (or Winners)!

The Tripod Shifted- But Not Enough to Stop the Clock!

There is Breakup excitement happening now in Bethel! Around 12:50 p.m. today the tripod moved about 100 feet and out of sight of the webcam. That distance isn’t enough to stop the clock- the tripod needs to move about 100 yards for that- but people are checking the river – probably the times of their guesses, too- and BCSF staff are talking about the Breakup Bash. The Breakup Bash will not be scheduled until after the official clock is stopped- and we have no way of knowing exactly when the tripod will move again- so check back

here, on the Kuskokwim Ice Classic Facebook page, or KYUK announcements for more information about that event.

In other news, Bethel Regional High

School (the beneficiary of Ice Classic proceeds) has not yet completed entries for the Ice Classic “guess” database. After the clock is stopped, a winner cannot be announced until that database is finished. Word from BRHS is that they hope to be finished with entries by Wednesday, May 7th.


2014 Ice Classic Jackpot Announced!

There is $6,302.50 in winnings at stake in the 2014 Kuskokwim Ice Classic. The winner will take home the entire $6,302.50 or split it, if there are multiple guesses for the same winning time.

Last year’s Ice Classic winner earned $6,243.50.

tripod April 24

Tripod photo taken April 24, 2014.

Bethel Regional High School will earn $5,722.50 for their student ticket sales and Ice Classic database entry efforts. BRHS student activities groups that will benefit from the earnings this year are Music, Native Youth Olympics and Special Olympics. Staff are still entering guesses into the Ice Classic database.  The database should be complete before the river breaks up, which means the winner announcement should be made soon after the tripod’s movement stops the Ice Classic clock.

The Breakup Bash Celebration, sponsored by BCSF, will take place at the riverfront. An announcement about the time for the Breakup Bash will happen after the Ice Classic clock is stopped. Most years, the celebration happens the same day the river breaks- but that is dependent on the time of day that the river goes out.




Ice Classic Ticket Sales & Guess Submission Closed for 2014

The deadline of April 22, at 7 pm has passed for all Ice Classic ticket sales and guess drop-offs. Tickets can no longer be purchased and guesses can no longer be submitted.

Many thanks to Swanson’s and que es la viagra y como funciona Crowley

for selling tickets since March 31 and to AC for allowing BRHS students to sell tickets at the store, as well as ID Variety who also started selling tickets levitra online uk usa during the event.

Bethel Regional High School student activities will be the

proceeds beneficiary this year. The

winner will take home half of the earnings from all ticket sales. The winner will be the closest guess -without going over- to the time shown when the tripod movement stops the clock. Please note that the time that shows on the webcam featuring the tripod is not the official clock.

Watch for an announcement  in the next few days about the amount available for the winner!

Depending on the time the river breaks, the BreakUp Bash Celebration will happen the same day as breakup or the next day at the riverfront. Most years, the celebration is held on the same day the clock is stopped.