Apr 042014

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Tickets must be purchased in person.
Tickets are NOT MAILABLE.
Tickets marked incorrectly will be rejected.
Final Decision regarding unclear tickets will be made by the Kuskokwim Ice Classic Committee.

Last Day to Turn in Tickets- April 22, 2014 – 7pm

If breakup occurs on/before April 22, 2014, guesses must be submitted the day before actual breakup occurs to be eligible to win.

Bethel Region High School Students will be selling tickets at various locations around Bethel.

Tickets are also available at:

BCS Foundation Office
Alaska Commercial (Weekends only APR 4-5, 11-12, 18-19)

50% of proceeds from ticket sales by BRHS, Crowley, and Swanson’s to benefit BRHS Student Activities.

Tickets can be dropped off at the following locations:
RAVN Alaska
Grant Aviation
Alaska Commercial
Wells Fargo

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Mar 182014

Pick. Click. Give has announced a Double Your Dividend sweepstakes. When you file for your PFD, Pick.Click.Give to be entered for a chance to earn a second dividend. If you already filed your PFD online, it’s not too late- log back in and Pick.Click.Give to be entered into the sweepstakes! For more information, including official rules,  click here.

Feb 272014

BCSF announces its first grant of 2014- $1,000 to Camai Dance Festival. Camai will be March 21-23 in Bethel. This year’s groups will include Atmautluak Dancers, Napaskiak Dancers, Chinese Classical Dancers with Lion Dance Troupe, and many others. Camai is a wonderful annual event in Bethel- to learn more, visit the Camai Dance Festival at www.camai.org.

Dec 162013


One hundred and thirteen pounds of cookies were made by 26 Bethel bakers for the 20th annual Y/K Delta Lifesavers Christmas Cookie Extravaganza.

Within 15 minutes every single morsel was sold at the Cultural Center Sunday, December 15 2013.   The annual event raised  $1,137 dollars for the Lifesaver endowment fund housed under Bethel Community Services Foundation.   Once the money is added in, the fund will have grown to more than $220,600.  This will help fund beginning swim lessons when the Yukon-Kuskokwim Regional Aquatic Health & Safety Center is completed.   Click here for more information and history about the Lifesaver endowment fund. Designated charitable contributions to the fund may be made to BCSF.

The lifesavers would like to thank A.C. Store and KC supply for the containers and gloves  with a big quyana going out to the following bakers and volunteers:

Brittney Boney, Jonica Thomas, Sharon Sigmon, Mary Weiss, Julie Carpenter, Bev Hoffman, Ted and Heidi Simmons, Kathy Bowerman, Cauline Ferguson, Mike and Cecelia Martz, Reyne Athanas, Virginia McPhee, Eva Malvich, Kathy Baldwin, Judy Wasierski, Janet Kaiser, Tiffany Tony Family, Elizabeth Roll  Family, Barb Angaiak, Mary Pete, Kathy Hanson, Cindy Andrecheck, Millie and Suzi Twitchell, Nili Sundown Family & any other volunteers or bakers we forgot to name- thank you!

Dec 122013

20th Annual Cookie Extravaganza!

On  Sunday, December 15th the the Y/K Delta Lifesavers will be hosting the 20th annual Cookie Extravaganza at 2 pm at the Yupiit Piciryarait Cultural Center.

This fundraiser will support swimming pool programs and it is possible only with the help of the cookie bakers and buyers! You can help by donating your favorite Christmas cookie- 4 to 6 dozen. You can contact Bev Hoffman at 543-3239 to let her know you are donating cookies, or if you would like to volunteer between noon and 2:30 to help set up and assist with the event.

The YK Delta Lifesavers have a fund at Bethel Community Services Foundation. Soon this fund will be making grants to support swimming opportunities! You can contribute to this grant-making fund by making a tax deductible donation to BCSF- YK Delta Lifesavers Fund.

Nov 122013

Public Works Committee Tours Pool                                       

group 111213.jpg

On November 12 Mike Nevenzel, representative for the City of Bethel who is on-site at the pool construction project, led a tour for  the City’s Public Works committee members and BCSF staff.

Tour participants included the following people:  Dr. Joseph Klejka, mayor of Bethel and the Council member assigned to Public Works; FrankPIcasaexteriorpool 111213.jpg Neitz, chair of the Public Works committee as well as Board chair of BCSF, Scott Guinn and Delbert Egoak, Public Works committee members and Michelle DeWitt, Executive Director of BCSF.

Mike explained the recent water test, the timeline for construction and the layout of the facility, which includes the main 6-lane pool, a family or “kiddie” pool section, a water slide, a hot tub, changing rooms, an exercise room and a weight room.

The pool is scheduled for completion on October 31, 2014.


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