Mission Related Investing

Assisted living homes for people with mental illness or developmental disabilities

BCS Foundation owns several assisted living homes in Bethel, Alaska. These homes were designed for people with developmental disabilities or mental illness. They were the first of their kind in the region, and have assisted tremendously in the efforts of people experiencing disabilities to remain close to their families and friends in this very rural region. When the Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation began to deliver residential services to people with mental illness and developmental disabilities, the Foundation agreed to lease its assisted living homes with a substantial rent reduction currently totaling $240,000 per year.


NAPA Auto Parts

The Foundation owns a parcel of land in downtown Bethel that previously had been vacant. A prime location for business activity, the lot has been leased to Korthuis Auto Parts: a NAPA Auto Parts franchise. The lease provides a source of income for the Foundation. The leased parcel provided a much needed site to expand the NAPA franchise with a new store. The new store opened in November 2006. The new store fills an essential need in the community and the region for local access to a diversity of parts and tools for all kinds of vehicles and equipment. To contact Korthuis Auto Parts, call 907-543-2673.

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