Kuskokwim Ice Classic

The 2015 Kuskokwim Ice Classic has some exciting changes in store for breakup speculators! We have had a dynamic Ice Classic Committee working since late September to set the stage for a growing and improving Ice Classic event.

1) We have a new website dedicated to the Kuskokwim Ice Classic: www.iceclassic.org. That site will be updated regularly.

2) Paul Basile is the 2015 Ice Classic manager. Paul can be reached at manager@iceclassic.org.

3) Instead of a 50/50, split-the-pot approach to the winnings, this year’s Ice Classic pot is a guaranteed $10,000. This is a larger pot than the last several years and we expect the Ice Classic to continue to grow.

4) Ticket Sales will begin early this year. We expect tickets to be available in late February. The cutoff date for turning in guesses will be April 20, 2015 at 7 p.m.

5) In recent years, BCSF partnered only with Bethel Regional High School to manage the Ice Classic, including managing ticket sales. We are expanding this approach to partnerships and sales this year. Five Bethel-based programs that serve youth will be selling Ice Classic tickets in 2015, and one group in Aniak will be selling tickets. We will also have permanent, daily sales locations and a procedure for out-of-town customers to submit guesses.

6) For the second year, we have a Kuskokwim Ice Classic Facebook page. “Like” us on Facebook and keep up with all the latest Ice Classic announcements.

7) For the second year, we will continue to have a webcam watching the tripod for movement.

8) We are expecting a new tripod design, new partnerships and even more community excitement!

Ice Classic History: This event is established in state statute and grants to the Foundation the exclusive right to conduct the event. In March a tripod is set up on the frozen river across from First National Bank of Alaska. This tripod is hooked up to a clock that stops as soon as the tripod significantly moves. Youth sell tickets at various locations around Bethel, including local stores and businesses, as well as some door-to-door sales. Ticket purchasers submit a guess of the Month/Day/Hour/Minute that the Kuskokwim River’s movement will cause the tripod to move and stop an official clock. Collection boxes for customer “guesses” are placed around town and ticket purchasers can drop their tickets at any one of these locations.

The winner of the Ice Classic is the person whose guess is closest to the time without going past the time the official clock stopped.

For Office Ice Classic rules, please mail a request for a Rules copy with a stamped, self-addressed envelope to: Kuskokwim Ice Classic Committee, c/o BCSF, PO Box 2189 Bethel, AK  99559.

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