Pool Construction Tour November 12

Public Works Committee Tours Pool                                       

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On November 12 Mike Nevenzel, representative for the City of Bethel who is on-site at the pool construction project, led a tour for  the City’s Public Works committee members and BCSF staff.

Tour participants included the following people:  Dr. Joseph Klejka, mayor of Bethel and the Council member assigned to Public Works; FrankPIcasaexteriorpool 111213.jpg Neitz, chair of the Public Works committee as well as Board chair of BCSF, Scott Guinn and Delbert Egoak, Public Works committee members and Michelle DeWitt, Executive Director of BCSF.

Mike explained the recent water test, the timeline for construction and the layout of the facility, which includes the main 6-lane pool, a family or “kiddie” pool section, a water slide, a hot tub, changing rooms, an exercise room and a weight room.

The pool is scheduled for completion on October 31, 2014.


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Pool filled with water for the 1st test!

 The pool had its first water test on November 3.  Per Mike Nevenzel, who is on-site as the City’s representative overseeing construction, the pool was filled with 125,000 gallons of water in 4.5 hours.   This testing procedure is a critical step to verify the watertightness of the pool and impacts to the building as well as the City water system. Currently the results of the pool test are being reviewed by the contractor and designer so any necessary adjustments or improvements can be made before the building is closed in for winter.

v211 6 13 Main Pool Top Fill.jpg                       Photo from Bev 11613.jpg